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5 Easy Steps to Start your own Business

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5 Easy Steps to Start your own Business

5 Easy Steps to Start your own Business

Easy Steps to Start your own Business

Having a regular 9.AM to 5.PM doesn’t really bring you enough financial freedom as you may want to have, so here’s something you would love to see.

However if you have been pondering on possible steps to start a small business, list of things needed to start a business, how to start a business plan, how to start a business from scratch, business ideas, how to start a small business at home, how to start a business with no money, requirements to start a business, then you have come to the right place.

Starting a business can be a whole lot more tasking than it seems from the outside, but a good and well detailed step by step process can make it a piece of cake.

Below are five easy steps for you to start up your business and get ready for financial freedom;

  1. Find your interest
  2. Research on your area of interest
  3. Develop your idea
  4. Focus on your target audience
  5. Develop your goals


It is often said that one should do what he loves so he can love what he does. This saying applies again in running a business. You cannot have zero interest in clothing sales and then go ahead to start up a clothing business. In a matter of time, you will fail.

Before start up a business, the first step you take is to find out what you are interested in. Ask yourself questions like;

  • What area of business am I interested in
  • Why do I want to be an entrepreneur
  • What problem am I interested in solving
  • What’s my scale of interest

You should already have answers to questions like this before you start your business research.


Carrying out a research on your business idea is the first step to becoming successful. A proper research should consist of the following headlines;

  • What problem am I solving
  • What is the need/demand rate
  • Who are my target audience
  • Who are my competitors
  • What will make my business unique
  • Pricing, cost and profit


After finding out your best area of interesting and carrying out a background research, the next stage is to start developing your ideas. Developing your idea comes with the following;

  • Sourcing for finance
  • Drafting out your business plan (A business plan includes the following; The Executive Summary, Target Market, Products and Services, Marketing and Sales Plan, Milestones and Metrics, Company Overview, Management Team, Financial Plan, Appendix)
  • Getting a good location
  • Setting up your price
  • Setting up customer care base
  • Hiring staff if needed


After developing your business idea and launching, the next step is to seek out your target audience and present your portfolio to them. Struggle to meet and provide their demands as they determine if your business will survive or not.


Before you venture into a business, you should have determined what your goals are and how you hope to achieve them. The thing about goals is that they do no seem clear until you have made a move. A new goal is unveiled as soon as an old goal is achieved. Successful people never run out of goals.

As soon as your business/idea is launched, begin to develop your goals and adjust your schedules to meet them.

With all the above steps followed accordingly, your business is set to flourish.

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